AWS deletion dialogues

A collection of the various deletion dialogues created by two-pizza-teams

von Moritz am 01.01.2021

If you are using the AWS Management Console to delete resources in your AWS account, you will see various deletion dialogues.

Because there are so many mechanism implemented in the UI, I started collecting them and also asked my co-workers to send me new dialogues when they discover some.

Let’s get started.

Simple confirmation

The first category are very simple confirmation dialogues, where you just have to click a button to confirm the deletion.

Watch out for the different colours (blue, organge, red, grey), position (left or right from the cancel button) and texts (“Confirm”, “Yes, Delete”, “Yes, delete”, “Delete”).

  • DynamoDB table DynamoDB table
  • Route53 Hosted Zone (10/2019) Route53 Hosted Zone
  • Route53 Record Sets (10/2019) Route53 Record Sets
  • Cloudfront Distribution (03/2020) Cloudfront Distribution
  • VPC link (05/2020) VPC link
  • IAM users IAM users
  • ACM certificate (01/2021)ACM certificate

Type something like delete

This category holds all dialogues where someone has to type something like delete into a textfield before deletion.

Of course the text one has to type changes through the different services (delete, delete me, delete permanently) and is sometimes also translated into the corresponding locale. Sometimes these dialogues even come with an additional checkbox to confirm that the action cannot be undone.

Sadly, not all of these dialogues even contain the name of the resource which gets deleted.

  • RDS (09/2019) RDS Instance
  • all objects in a S3 bucket (11/2020) S3 Objects
  • Workdocs Site Workdocs Site
  • API Gateway Domain (01/2021) API Gateway Domain
  • Kinesis Data Stream (01/2021) Kinesis Data Stream
  • ECR repository (01/2021) ECR repository
  • ECR images (01/2021) ECR images

Type the name of the resource

This category is for deletion dialogues which ask the user to type (or more realistic copy&paste) the name or ID of the resource.

  • Elastic File System Elastic File System
  • Empty an S3 bucket with objects (04/2020) S3 objects
  • S3 Access Point (12/2020) S3 Access Point
  • Route53 registered domain (03/2020) Route53 registered domain

That’s it for now. I will keep this post updated with new deletion dialogues. Please feel free to send me your favourite ones! The UI is constantly changing and there are new dialogues all the time.